Apr 282016

It’s a beauty quirk of most girls: Craving for curls when they have straight hair, or wishing for long and straight hair when they have corkscrew tresses. This is why we have curling irons and hair ironing tools—or perm solutions and rebonding.

To be truthful, long and sleek hair wins more points in the popularity derby. It’s because naturally curly hair is not easy for everyone to accept and love. Curly hair is sometimes thought to be coarse and given to unruliness. Notice how short, naturally curly hair turns into a frizzy mess at the first sign of rain or elevated humidity? Mid-length curly styles, meantime, seem to unravel halfway through the workday and before long, the mass of unruly curls resembles a bird’s nest.

Fortunately, curly hair doesn’t have to be that complicated—or unmanageable! There are a number of styling ideas that can turn your seemingly wild curls into a sexy. Gorgeous do.

First, try to nail down the look that would best suit your fashion style. If you like wearing classic dress styles in soft fabrics, perhaps loose curls are your best bet.

But then, if the latter is more your style, frizz is perhaps your worst enemy. What causes natural curls to morph into hideous frizzy locks? Not even the best shampoo will undo the frizz if you perpetuate the one behaviour that causes it: the blow dryer. Using a hot air dyer prevents your tresses from flaunting its natural curls.

Whatever style you want for your curls, ask for tips from your favourite hairdresser. He’s in the best position to show you how to glam up your curly locks, whether for causal or party times.


If you’re opting for a switch from curls to stick=straight tresses, one heat source that your curls will hate is the straightening iron. For it to work properly, the iron has to be very hot, which temporarily relaxes the curls. But doing so comes at a cost: frizz. Short cuts will soon show signs of breakage that leave the hair looking frizzy while long curls will reveal split ends.


Styling your curly hair depends on the cut; generally speaking, medium cuts may just need a running through with your fingers. Those who have artificially curled hair will benefit from a high quality leave-in conditioner. Permed hair is notorious for its dryness and you will do well to augment any natural oils with a leave-in product that supplies nutrients and moisture to the hair.


Styling and hair-care advice for curly hair types desiring to weave in faux tresses and artificial ornamentation includes remembering that curls do not fall the same way each and everyday. Stat slowly with just one section woven in and see if you like the result before spending a day at the salon only to see different results the next day.

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