May 052016

Did you go for an ultra-sleek bob cut to keep cool during the oppressively hot summer?  You need not stress over your tresses just because residual heat, sudden rainshowers, and high humidity threaten to wreak havoc with your ‘do.  Keep your comfy bob for another season by giving it a few twists—and a new life!

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of ditching your long hair aling with your summer frocks for a low-maintenance style, think blunt cut with some wispy layering.  Fine-textured locks look especially sexy when given some razor texture and blow-dried to a casual but edgy finish.  Hair flows and moves away from your face.  And you look like you’re shooting the breeze, quite literally—with hair weightless and windblown!

Here, some tips on how to achieve the look:

Shampoo and condition with products formulated for your hair type.  Then towel dry.

Apply strong styling glaze or styling mousse.  When applying, concentrated first on the roots—these are parts of the hair that are closest your head.  Apply extra to the fromt and sides.  And then work it out toward the ends.

Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser.  To get maximum fullness, tip your head upside-down and work through with a paddle brush.

When your hair is thoroughly dry, apply some hair cream to get rid of frizzy ends.

Now, to lift the front, start by inserting the teeth of a comb and lifting about an inch.  While the comb is in place, spray with a firm-hold hairspray.  Hold the comb in place until the hairspray is dry.

Repeat the process on each side.  If your hair is heavy and still falls, try grasping the bangs area with your left hand (if you are right handed).  Hold it up and back-comb it tightly at the base.  This will make it stand up.  Smooth it lightly and spray it with a firm-hold hairspray.  Repeat the process on the sides.

By limiting the use of hairspray to only the front and sides, your hair will still be free to move


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