May 172016

You’ve seen people garbed in the most expensive clothing, covered with inches of makeup yet still fail to look beautiful.

Perhaps this is because they lack some kind of “inner glow” within them. It is important to develop a person’s inner self because all attempts to look beautiful are futile when it is being neglected. Here are some tips in nurturing your inner beauty.

EXERCISE REGULARLY. Have you ever been depressed and advised to go straight to the gym? This is because exercise does not only burn fat and give you a dazzling figure; it also helps drive away negative energies from your system. If you’re short on cash and can’t enrol in a fitness center, never worry. All you need is the discipline to exercise on your own – perhaps do some laps around the neighbourhood, or go stretching those limbs inside your bedroom.

EAT WELL. What you eat is reflected on your face and the way you carry yourself. If you define eating well as consuming huge stacks of saucy streaks or oily French fries, don’t be surprised to see a figure similar to the pork you so love to eat. Instead, take lots of fruits, veggies and plenty of water.

These are guaranteed to make you feel light and toxin-free.

FOCUS ON THE THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF. Instead of getting gloomy about how much you dislike your button nose, remember the attributes you feel best about yourself. Are you gifted with long, shiny hair? Then by all means, buy yourself more cute clips and headbands. Or pamper those shapely nails with constant manicure.

DEVELOP YOUR INTERESTS AND HOBBIES. Give yourself a break and develop the talents you’ve been neglecting for a long time. Have you always wanted to write the great, life-changing novel? Then start taking writing lessons and workshops. Or simply brush up on your style and grammar. Do you enjoy sketching but spend less time developing it? Well, it’s about time you sharpen those pencils and indulge yourself. Unsatisfied with wasting your talents by shooting some baskets in the backyard? Join a basketball team.

TAKE TIME FOR OTHERS. Extending a helping hand can make you feel surprisingly good and pleased with yourself. So take time to look and see if you can help in any little way. Guide an old lady across the street, do favors for your surly sister, or buy your dad a new razor.

KEEP A JOURNAL. Write down your daily thoughts and feelings. This way, you might discover things about yourself that you weren’t aware of. Noticing what’s going on in your daily life can make you learn so much about yourself.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Aching limbs and muscles are your body’s way of screaming protest to neglect. So listen to it. Grant yourself a much needed rest. Eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired.

SMILE! This is perhaps one of the most common, yet most frequently forgotten advice to look and feel good. Flash those gorgeous pearly whites (even though they might have a few chipped edges here and there). Marvel at how easily you can attract other people to yourself. Everybody wants to be around a person who is always happy.

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